Swine & Poultry

The gut is the largest immune regulator in poultry and swine, making its health and proper functioning valuable to animal viability and performance. Vita Charge HydraBoost is a unique blend of vitamins, prebiotics, electrolytes and gut health components known to increase water intake and combat the impacts of stress during any period of transition for pigs, while Vita Charge HydraBoost AVX does the same for poultry.

HydraBoost products are powered by the research proven prebiotic Amaferm, a proprietary strain of Aspergillus oryzae fermented through a unique, multistep process within BioZyme. It is proven to maintain gut health in swine and poultry, therefore increasing overall health and rapidly restoring digestive balance during times of stress or transition.

GMP-food grade SGS quality seal

All products are manufactured in a GMP-certified food grade facility

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